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Great Additions For Your Custom Home

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If you are building your own custom dream home, you are probably full of ideas that you want to include in your house. But there are some great custom features you may be overlooking. Here are some great ideas you may want to add to your custom home to make it even better.

Add Special Features to Your Kitchen. This is your chance for the kitchen of your dreams. There are a lot of helpful amenities you can add to your kitchen to make the space as useful as possible. Consider having a pot filler installed by your stove. This is essentially an extra, specially designed faucet that easily fits over large pots so you don't have to carry heavy water filled pots from the sink to the stove.

Give yourself plenty of storage in your kitchen, including a large walk-in pantry. You will always be able to fill up the extra space, and will be able to organize canned goods, pet foods, and any other large items that often take up cabinet space in your kitchen. Also think about adding an extra sink for easy prep and an instant hot water faucet so you never have to wait for hot water again when cooking.

Add More Outlets. Extra outlets in every room can make your life much more convenient and make arranging furniture easier because you won't be worried as much about blocking the outlets you have. You can even add some charging stations in areas like the kitchen and living room to easily charge your electronic devices. If you enjoy holiday decorating, you should also add several outlets to the outside of your new home to make plugging in lights and other decorations easier.

Make Sure You Have Extra Storage. A lot of new homes don't have the type of storage older houses have. With a custom home, you can add as much storage as you want. Large closets and linen cupboards will be very useful and give you a lot of space to organize all your towels, spare sheets, and other items.

Make Your House as Energy Efficient as Possible. Any extra investment now to make your home more energy efficient will pay off in the long run in lower utility bills. Make sure you have great insulation and energy efficient appliances. You may even want to look at having solar panels for your new home. Radiant floor heating is another great idea, and can be a nice luxury, as well as an energy efficient source of heat for your new home.

Building your own home is an exciting experience. Add a few of these great features to your custom build so you can enjoy them for years to come.