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Check These Details Before You Buy A Hot Tub Cover In A Cold Climate

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If you live in an area where the winters are very cold, it's nice to look for a way to get heated up. While a trip south might occasionally be on your to-do list, another option is to buy a hot tub that you can enjoy more often than taking a vacation. A short soak in your hot tub is a good way to deal with the cold winter months. When it comes to choosing a cover for your hot tub, it's important to buy the right one. For someone who lives in an area with cold winters, there are several details to keep in mind.


The amount of insulation that different hot tub covers provide varies. Insulation is highly important for someone who lives in a cold area, as you don't want to lose the water's heat through a low-quality cover. Look for a cover that offers as much insulation as possible. You'll see this information presented as an "R-value," which is the term that describes the level of insulation. The higher R-value that a hot tub cover offers, the better. Preventing heat loss will not only keep the water hotter for when you're ready for a soak but will also make the hot tub more cost-effective to operate.

Weight Capacity

It's ideal if you're able to place your hot tub in a covered area, but many people don't have this option. In a cold climate, you can expect a lot of snow to fall onto your hot tub cover over the winter. While it's important to remove the snow, it's also good to have a cover that offers as much weight capacity as possible. When you read the specifications for different covers, you'll clearly see how much weight they can handle. Snow can weigh a lot, and if it snows heavily while you're away and not able to clear the snow immediately, you'll have confidence that your hot tub cover won't buckle under the snow's weight.

Hinge Seal

Most hot tub covers have a hinge down the middle that allows you to fold the cover when removing and storing it. When you live in a cold-weather climate, you want to choose a cover in which the hinge has a hinge seal. This is a durable rubber gasket that prevents heat from escaping through the hinge when the cover is in place. Visit a hot tub supply store to shop for hot tub covers.