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Don't Get Sued By Santa: Clear Your Roof Of Snow And Ice!

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As a resident and homeowner in Canada, the most irritating thing about winter is clearing your roof of snow and ice. If you have children, they will remind you that they want Santa to be safe and not get hurt delivering their presents because you forgot to shovel off the roof. If Santa was real, you would probably be sued for leaving all of that wintry mess up there. Hire roofing contractors to clear it for you.

The Dangers "Santa" Would Encounter Clearing Your Roof

The slopes on your roof are difficult enough to climb and cling to when they are dry. The slopes are far worse when they are wet, icy and thick with layers of snow. Not only could "Santa" slip, fall and break his neck, but the weight of the snow and "Santa's" weight combined could result in a giant hole in your roof! Although your children might be thrilled by the idea that Santa is in the attic and will probably never leave, you will have a much harder time explaining to your insurance provider why and how this happened (especially since most other adults do not believe he exists!).

Protect "Santa" and Yourself

Send a professional up to clear off the snow. Roofing contractors often fill in the slow or dead construction seasons by providing snow clearing services for roofs and chimneys. You and "Santa" will never break a bone or create a hole in your roof again. Injuries and damage aside, it would be much more expensive to call roofing companies to get a repair quote in the middle of winter.

What the Roofing and Snow Removal Companies Will Do

If your house is only one to one-and-one-half stories, your snow removal and roofing team will stand on the ground and pull the snow down. Then they climb up to deice the roof with either salt or a deicing compound. If you have two or more stories on your home, the crew will climb up and shove the snow down, sprinkling ice melt as they go. It will be great fun for the kids because they will think that Santa has arrived early when they hear boots stomping around above their heads.

Repeating Service 

Heavy winters call for extra snow removal from your roof. Calm your children's anxieties about Santa's safety and schedule snow and ice clearings regularly through the winter. Roofers that remove snow and ice do not do it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but you can schedule it anytime leading up to these two days off.