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High-Tech Faucet Features For Your Modern Bathroom

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Gone are the days when a faucet was just the thing you turned to start a flow of water for washing your hands. Today's high-tech faucet features are taking bathrooms to the next level. If you're designing a cutting edge, modern bathroom, then these four cool features should be on your radar.

Slide-Control Faucets

A sliding control module, which mounts on the edge of your sink, can be slid forward to turn the faucet on and backwards to turn it off again. The further forward you slide it, the warmer your water becomes. Many models even include a digital display to tell you the current water temperature, giving you the ultimate in control. This style faucet is great for hands-free operation, since you can slide it forward with your elbow or wrist.

UV Sanitizing Faucets

If you're concerned about the cleanliness of your water, then this faucet is for you. UV cleaning faucets feature a module that shines UV light on your water before it flows out of the tap. The water that comes out is pure, fresh, and bacteria free. A natural means of killing bacteria, UV is an environmentally friendly sanitizing method that will make your bathroom the envy of your Eco-conscious friends.

Hand-Drying Faucets

Have you ever wished you could wash and dry your hands without even moving them? Hand-drying faucets allow you to do just that. A comfortable jet of water lets you clean your hands, and when you turn it off, a high-powered blade of air provides an effective means of drying. Just slide your hands forward and back through the blade of warm air, and they'll be dry in seconds. You don't have to worry about hand towels ever again.

Thermochromatic Faucets

If you've ever been scalded by water you didn't realize would be so hot, you need a thermochromatic faucet. It changes color based on the temperature of water that's coming out, so you know what to expect before you stick your hands under the stream. Never again will you have to stick your hands in water that's not warm yet and catch a chill. Burns are a thing of the past too.

Modern developments in faucet technology are helping to create bathroom designs that work with you rather than against you. Consider including one of these high-tech faucets in your modern bathroom. Not only will you get to enjoy it every day, but it will also serve as a great conversation piece when guests come to visit. Contact a professional, like Norm’s Mobile Service Plumbing & Heating Ltd, to determine which is best for your needs.