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How To Keep Your Dog Safe During DIY Home Remodeling Projects

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Dogs and home remodeling don't exactly go hand in hand. With power tools plugged in to every socket, exposed wires, pipes showing themselves in the walls, and other hazards in abundance in and around your house, there are many opportunities for your dog to become injured. Improperly monitoring your dog can even cause accidents that lead to human injuries. To protect yourself and your pet during a remodel, appropriate steps must be taken.

Keep your Dog Away From the Chaos

For indoor remodels, use baby gates or closed doors to keep your dog in a confined area. To prevent your dog from becoming restless, give your dog as much space as possible to walk around (without actually exposing your pet to an area of your home where he or she may become injured). Check in on your dog frequently, and if he or she doesn't have access to the outdoors, take him or her out for bathroom breaks occasionally.

For outdoor remodels, put your dog on a leash or a tether, away from the work. Never allow your dog to run around in the vicinity of scaffolding or ladders. You can find more info on ways to keep dogs (and humans) safe around scaffolding by asking a contractor.

Clean Up Your Mess Every Night

It may sound like a pain, but leaving power tools, nails and other related items laying around when work isn't being done can only lead to accidents. Pick up your things at the end of each day when the work is finished. 

Give Your Dog Ways to De-Stress

Loud noises and changing environments can stress out some pets. Give your dog chances to de-stress while work in your home is being done.

  • Make a quiet, dark place for your pet to retreat. This might be a bed in a closet, a comfortable corner or even your pet's normal carrying crate.
  • Go for walks every night. This is especially important if your pet is being confined to a smaller part of the house for the majority of the day. 
  • Talk to your dog's veterinarian if you think a mild sedative will help. Some dogs just stress out really easily. If you're worried about the effect that the loud noises will have on your pet, some mild sedatives may be appropriate.

Send Your Dog to Visit Relatives

If your dog has an established relationship with some of your friends or relatives, now may be a good time to send your pet for an overnight stay. Your dog will be happier and safer in the hands of people who care about him or her, and you won't have to worry about your pet getting into danger.