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Kitchen Tips For A Loft Remodel

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With lofts, you're creating spaces out of thin air. While you can have your contractors install walls, that defeats the purpose of buying a loft, doesn't it?  As you remodel your loft, create a nook out of your kitchen that blends cohesively into the rest of your design.

Tile Backsplash

Tile backsplashes are as attractive as they are useful. They also provide the backdrop for the rest of your kitchen design. In a loft, where the kitchen is visible in the rest of the space, it's important to select complementary tilework:

  • A mosaic of analogous colors within the palette of the loft's décor
  • White subway tile with dark caulking for a modern look
  • Recovered glass tiles for vintage décor

The tiles create the visual border between your kitchen and the rest of your loft. As an alternative to tile, consider a stainless steel backsplash to give a more modern feel to your kitchen.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete is an efficient material for your countertops. Not only is concrete durable and easy to maintain, but it is fully customizable. The contractors can mix it to match almost any color palette. Concrete can also be poured into different shapes and sizes. Alternatively, opt for granite in your chosen color scheme.

Custom Cabinets

Since you're creating your kitchen space, the kitchen cabinets provide another way of distinguishing the area. Lofts typically have tall ceilings, so think about having your cabinets built tall and narrow. To avoid having that top space become a kitchen tool graveyard, design the cabinets so that the top is designated for décor. Either have the cabinets fronted in glass or extended as shelving, and display your finest china or other decorations in that space.

Island seating

One of the coziest of life's habits is dining in the kitchen. Island seating makes this possible even in a loft. If you have enough space, consider a split-top island. In this case, the taller area provides your work surface, while the lower level serves as your dining table. If space is a little tight, design the island so that it is multi-functional. Have it built to the countertop height with storage on the kitchen side. However, have the countertop extend out to accommodate a tall chairs for dining.

Target Lighting

A kitchen tucked into the corner of a loft runs the danger of becoming dim. Avoid this by having targeted lighting installed. Consider where the majority of the works will get done, and have workstation lighting installed to illuminate those areas. Likewise, if you're including the island, track or recessed lighting provides enough illumination without competing with the design of the rest of your loft.

As you convert or remodel your loft into your new home, make your kitchen a distinct yet harmonious part of the whole. Select tile and color schemes that complement the rest of the décor, and include functional yet attractive cabinets, like with Insite Custom Cabinets & Millwork, countertops, and lighting that provide the natural barrier for your space.