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Recently Get A New Roof? These 3 Mistakes Could Void The Warranty

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One of the benefits of having a brand new roof professionally installed is that it will come with a warranty. This warranty can potentially save you from having to pay for a costly repair if there is a problem soon after the installation is finished. However, it is important to be aware of these 3 problems that could void the roof's warranty.

Blocking Attic Vents

The ventilation system of your attic is essential in keeping your roof in great condition. It works by bringing in cold air from outside and circulating it with the hot air that is inside your attic. If you were to accidentally block your vents, it could create an unforeseen ventilation problem that could damage your roof.

When hot air gets trapped inside your attic, the heat can cause moisture to form under your shingles. This could eventually lead to your shingles deteriorating at a faster rate.

Installing A Satellite Dish

It is common to mount a satellite dish on your roof when having the television service installed at your home. Before the installer mounts the dish into your roof, check the warranty to see if installing a satellite dish to the shingles is allowed. It may void the warranty on the entire roof, or just for problems due to the holes drilled, such as leaking and other water damage.

The best solution to this issue is to install the satellite dish to your home's brick or the vinyl siding instead of the roof. Dishes installed in this manner are much more noticeable, but doing so will keep your warranty intact.

Cleaning The Roof Incorrectly

If you notice moss or algae growing on your roof, your first instinct might be to get out your pressure washer and clean it yourself. There is a potential that your warranty requires a professional to clean your roof, as there is a risk of damaging it when using your pressure washer.

You might be able to use zinc strips for cleaning your roof, which are less likely to cause damage. They are placed near the peak of the roof, and use rainwater to clean the shingles as the runoff helps wash away that ugly moss and algae.

By being aware of these three ways you could potentially void your roof's warranty, you will be covered when you finally need to use the warranty to fix a costly problem. For more information, speak with your roofing contractor.