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Why You Need Aggregates For Your Next Backyard Project

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Whether you want to install a simple outdoor room, cozy fire pit, or beautiful patio area in your backyard, your project can use the help of aggregates. Aggregates, like sand and gravel, give you DIY installation options, and are versatile for both utility projects, like driveways and walkways, as well as flooring mediums for outdoor rooms and lounge areas.

Flooring for outdoor projects must incorporate material strength under weathering conditions, beauty, and a price that won't leave you with a second mortgage. So if you want the best option for creating a base for a stunning outdoor sanctuary, you need to select aggregates.

Choosing The Right Aggregate

Aggregates are an ideal choice for DIY homeowner projects, because they allow you to get creative with both color and textural features, and they can be installed into any space with minimal tools and time. But since not all aggregates are created equal, you should consider the pros and cons to installing each type:

  • Sand: Sand offers you a soft foundation that can be welcoming in areas where you want to go barefoot, like patios and fire pits. Because sand is naturally fire-proof, it is the ideal foundation for a fire pit as well as the surrounding area where you can entertain guests. Multiple variations of sand give you different textures, according to grain, and colors, derived from the location it was mined from, so you can install a medium that works well for design options. The drawback to sand is that it can slump in areas over time due to weathering, and it can wash away if it's installed near run-off areas.
  • Gravel: Gravel comes in a spectrum of sizes, so you can build an outdoor room or patio area with textures that are appropriate for your design. Though gravel only comes in shades of white, you can always try staining techniques with permanent dyes that you can find in any grocery store for an effect that is colorful and mesmerizing. Gravel will provide a solid foundation for all outdoor projects and doesn't easily break down or weather, as long as you aren't driving or using heavy equipment on it. 
  • Decorative Rocks: Decorative rocks can come in more mundane forms, like river pebbles or smooth egg rocks, or you can find them in polished minerals like quartz or jade. Decorative rocks are selected by size, texture, and mineral tones, so you can really get creative with designing an outdoor space that shines. The drawback is that they are the most expensive options, with rarer minerals, like jade, that can cost thousands of dollars just to floor a small space.

Getting The Best Price

When you want the best price for your project, aggregates, like those sold at Roman Building Materials Ltd,  will provide lower costs per yard than pavers or stone. But in order to get the best selection and price on aggregates, you should opt for a supplier that can deliver bulk loads to your doorstep. Mobile aggregate suppliers are the go-to source for finding exotic aggregates, as well as delivering the best price on loads, so you don't have to make multiple trips to the hardware store and spend a fortune buying multiple bags.