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Remodel A Portion Of Your Business Without Inconveniencing Your Customers

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Remodeling a portion of your commercial building without shutting it down is a little tricky. You need to take the opportunity to work around your daily business, so you keep customers coming back while you upgrade your location. These methods take some time to put into place, but the work is worth it to keep your company operating while improving small portions of your commercial location.

Extensive Planning

Making a plan with your general contractors is essential for remodeling any building. However, when you are only remodeling a small portion, you have to consider other areas throughout your location as well.

These areas are the walkways and shelving units, since you will have to rework the layout to accommodate customers and carts. You need enough room for people to walk around, while still being able to place enough merchandise out for customers to purchase.

This portion of the planning phase can be extensive, because you may have to change the direction of shelves or minimize products you put out. If you need to change these areas, it is best to plan it and then change the layout before customers show up while you are remodeling this portion of your building.

Construction Entrances

While work is being done, you want to make sure your construction crew does not enter or exit through customer doorways. It is best to re-purpose a side or back door that the crew can use while working on your building.

Specific doors will minimize the amount of traffic that goes through customer entryways. It will also reduce the amount of times that the construction crew may block these doors while carrying in the materials needed for remodeling project.

Temporary Walls

Another key aspect of any renovation is to minimize the amount of interaction your customers have with construction workers. To do so, you need to separate the spaces with temporary walls. These walls are crucial for blocking some of the construction noise and dust that is created by saws, hammers, nail guns and other construction tools.

Additionally, these walls keep your customers from walking into a construction area where they could get hurt. Since the workers do not have to worry about customers accessing the area, the construction crew can concentrate on completing their work in a timely manner. Once the work is done, these walls will come down and your customers can see the final look of your newly updated space.