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Two Areas You Don't Want To Plan Poorly When Building Your New Home

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Building a new home is exciting. You can plan, design, and customize it to be just as you want it. Once it's built, you will not have renovations to account for because you designed it to be perfect for your family for years to come. Your new home can also be a major disappointment if you don't plan it properly. Here are two areas that you need to pay attention to in order to make sure your custom home truly is what you want.

Give Your HVAC System Some Thought

If you do not plan your HVAC system carefully, you will regret it in the future. A poorly planned HVAC system can lead to problems with moisture and mold, which will negatively impact the health of everyone in the house. Be sure that you work with your contractor, one like Harsevoort John & Son Construction, to make the HVAC system function and vent properly for your home.

In addition, if you do not get a unit that is a good size for your home, you will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer if the unit is too small. If the unit is too large, you will stay at a comfortable temperature, but will suffer from high power bills. You want the unit to be just the right size, nothing more and nothing less.

Don't Forget the Closets

The downfall of many homes is poorly planned closet spaces. Either there isn't enough closet space or the closets are inconvenient to the living areas. You should have a closet in every bedroom and one in the main hallway.

You may want to consider putting smaller closets in bathrooms or near bathrooms to hold towels and other linens. You may want a closet at the front entrance for coats unless you have a mud room and plan to have storage there.

While making sure there is enough closet space is an important detail, you don't want to have too much closet space, either. The closets will take away from your living spaces, so plan them wisely so you use every one and they add convenience to your home instead of being space hogs.

These are just two of the main areas of the home that are often overlooked or poorly planned. Make sure that you give each of these components the thought they need so you can enjoy a comfortable home with just the right amount of storage space.