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Learn How To Create A Skateboard Park In Your Community

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There are many people who love to ride skateboards and do tricks, but simply do not have facility to go to do the sport they love. If your community doesn't have a skateboard park readily available for people to use, you may want to consider creating one. Creating a skateboard park can be a bit difficult, if you do not know what you are doing. Use the following guide to learn what things to consider when creating a skateboard park:

Determine the Layout

The first thing you need to do is determine the layout you want for your park. There needs to be ramps, rails, and even hills throughout the park. Determining the exact incline and height needed for each hill and ramp is important to ensure that riders are able to keep the momentum they need to be able to do tricks safely. You may need to work with an engineer to determine the exact angles needed to create the park you want to create.

Have the foundation Created

Dirt will need to be mounded and spread throughout the entire area. The mounds will need to be larger in areas where you want hills or ramps to be located. Be sure that the company that is leveling the dirt takes their time and packs it down so that your park can have a solid foundation.

Install all Rails

Rails need to be installed before the pavement is laid. They need to have concrete bases that go under the ground to ensure that they stay in place when riders grind on them.

Have the Entire Place Paved

Have a paving company cover the entire area with a thick layer of pavement. The pavement needs to be able to last for quite a long time and ensuring that pavement doesn't crack or chip prematurely is important.

It is best to let the pavement contractor know that you are creating a skateboard park because he or she will be able to lay the pavement so that the tops of the ramps have a slight edge to them so riders can kick off with ease.

Once the pavement has dried for at least 24 hours, you can have it painted any way you choose. Be sure that you designate where the rest areas are so that patrons can have a safe place to stand and watch the action. Determine a reasonable rate to charge for entry into the skate park and watch your community flourish before your eyes.

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