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Four Affordable Ways To Improve Your Windows For Better Energy Efficiency

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Windows and doors are features of your home that can cause you to waste energy. Replacement windows can be a great solution to improve your home, but they can also be a costly investment. There are other things that you can do to improve the energy efficiency of windows and doors in your home. Things like adding window treatments, films, and doing simple repairs can help you reduce your energy costs. Here are four affordable window improvement projects that you can do on a limited budget:  

1. Adding Window Films To Reduce UV Radiation

One simple way to improve the efficiency of your windows is to add window film to the glass. This is like tint you install on your car, which can help to reduce UV radiation and heat loss. The window film can be tinted or clear. Using a window film that is slightly tinted can be great for rooms like home offices where you may also want to reduce glare.

2. Installing Affordable Window Treatments To Add Insulation

There are also many window treatments that can be added to windows to help improve energy performance. Curtains and shades can be a great way to improve windows. There are many affordable thermal blinds that you can easily install to improve the insulation of windows in your home.

3. Adding Exterior Details Like Shutters Or Awnings On A Budget 

Shutters and awnings can be another great improvement to the exterior of your home. There are many simple awnings that you can installed to reduce direct sunlight in your home. You can also add shutters to windows that are functional. To make these improvements more affordable, you may just want to do windows that get direct sunlight. You can also make your own shutters with the right materials if you are a DIY type of person.

4. Doing Simple Repairs To Windows Where Energy Is Being Lost

Windows and doors need to have maintenance to ensure that they are energy efficient. You may want to do things like replace weather stripping. Painting and caulking can also help to reduce energy loss of your windows. Another thing that you can do is remove the trim, and make sure that all windows have insulation between the window and wood framing of your home.

Energy projects on a budget do not have to break the bank. You can try some of these projects yourself, or you can contact a window film service (such as Alberta Tinting & Graphic Services) to get started with some of the energy improvements you want to do to the windows and doors in your home.