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Four Renovation Ideas For Your Vacation Home

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If you have a vacation home, this might be in need for some renovations to fit your family's needs. If you don't have a ton of cash to do an entire overhaul, there are a few simple renovations that will make this more comfortable for your vacationing family. Here are four simple renovations that can make your vacation home a better fit for your vacation needs.

1. Maximize Bedroom Space

If you have a larger family that likes to pile in and spend vacations and holidays together, it is important that everyone has a place to sleep. If you can convert the garage into another bedroom, you can then add sofa beds or trundle beds to maximize space. If you have multiple smaller rooms, break down a wall to create a larger rumpus room for kids to pile into. This will make sleeping arrangements more fun and will help with space issues.

2. Opt for an Open Kitchen

A big part of vacationing can be sharing meals together and having fun around the table. If your family tends to be in and out of the kitchen grabbing snacks and drinks, make this easier on the cooks by having an open kitchen that blends into the dining area. This will open up space so that people won't feel too cramped if they do congregate in the kitchen.

3. Install a Deck for Entertainment

If your vacation home has a nice outdoor space, be sure to take advantage of this. Install a large, backyard deck that can be used for barbecuing and outdoor entertainment. Adding in an outdoor bar area will keep everyone happy. If your home is near the water or in a colder environment, a hot tub is always a great addition for folks to warm up or relax in.

4. Replace Windows and Doors

If your vacation home might be a little older, replacing all windows and doors is a good idea for both security and upkeep. If older doors and windows might be falling apart or tend to be faulty, your home could a target for break-ins. New windows will keep out the elements and will increase your energy efficiency.

Upgrading your vacation home will involve a different set of priorities than your year-round home. If you can only pick a few projects, make sure that these are ones that will get the most mileage and return on investment. Have more fun on vacation by making sure that your vacation home is set up for maximum relaxation and entertainment.