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Two Foundation Options to Know about before You Call a Contractor

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The foundation of your home is quite possibly the most important part of your entire home construction. Sure, the roof, walls, and windows are important, but the foundation of the home is what all those other components rely upon. Unfortunately, it is not at all unusual for homes to have foundation issues. The symptoms of foundation problems can include shifting chimneys, cracks anywhere in the home, or bowing walls in the basement. When such symptoms are observed, it is essential that the problem is addressed immediately. Here are two leading options in foundation repair systems that your contractor may recommend.

Helical Pile System

A helical pile system is composed of multiple parts.

  • The Helical Piles are the main component of this system. Helical piles are made from steel and are designed for weight bearing. Most helical pile systems have a large number of helical piles which are spaced apart evenly beneath the home. 
  • The Helix Plates, sometimes referred to as helix blades, are flat plates that connect the helical piles together. As with helical piles, the helix plates are made of steel and are designed to bear a great deal of weight.
  • The Central Shaft of the system is placed approximately in the center of the ground beneath the home. This central shaft is the hub to which all the helical piles and helix plates connect. 

A helical pile system is good at shoring up an entire home, and keeping it shored up for the long term. Thus, many new homes are built with this type of foundation support. This type of foundation system may be best for new homes, but it might sometimes be used in foundation repair if the home has started to sink in a fairly even manner.

Push Pier System

Like a helical pile system, a push pier system is composed of a couple of parts. These include the following:

  • The Repair Bracket is a large flat steel plate created for weight bearing. The repair bracket is large enough to cover the entire area beneath the home.
  • The Steel Tubes are pierced through the repair bracket using a hydraulic press machine. After steel tubes have been evenly placed at various places all through the bracket, the contractor will evaluate the degree to which the building has been raised. If the building is not raised sufficiently, extender tubes may be pierced through the repair bracket to raise it higher.

A push pier system is often used in cases where an existing building has started to fail, or in situations where a building needs stabilization. It may be used in new homes as well, however for new construction the helical pile system in more common.

Both of these systems may be good options if you are facing a failing foundation. Call your local foundation contractor like McNabb Construction to ask about how to get the strong foundation you need.