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Tips For Maximizing Space Efficiency When Designing Your Home

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Even if you have a budget to customize your dream home's floor plan, you need to be sure that you maximize the efficiency of the space that you are using. For example, having a banquet hall where you can host amazing dinner parties isn't going to be worth much if it's located very far away from the kitchen, where the food is going to be produced. Here are some tips for maximizing space efficiency when customizing your home.

1. Make Sure That There is Direct Access Between Your Kitchen and Your Garage

Your first step is to think about all of the frequent activities that you perform each day or each week. One such task that no one really enjoys is buying groceries, bringing them into the house, and then putting them away. Although it's difficult to reduce how irritating buying the groceries and putting them away is, you can definitely reduce the annoyance you feel when you have to bring them into the house. You can do this by simply making sure that the space between your car and the groceries' final destination is as small as possible. By having direct access between your kitchen and your garage, you can achieve this.

2. Keep Bedrooms Isolated

Don't have a shared bathroom be directly connected to any of the bedrooms. You want to keep the bedrooms as isolated as possible in order to make sure that they are safe havens of quiet, rather than in the middle of the everyday noise of a household where it could make it difficult for people to sleep. You can further isolate bedrooms by putting them one floor up from common areas where people usually hang out, putting them at the opposite end of a hallway where there are common areas, and make sure that you increase the width of the walls to help block sound.

3. Keep Your Washer and Dryer on the Same Floor As the Bedrooms

It doesn't make sense for you to drag your clothes down to the basement to wash them and them drag them back up the stairs to put them away. Have your washer and dryer on the same floor. This will reduce the amount of time that you spend on laundry. Make sure that the washer and the dryer are far away from the bedrooms and in a closet that has a door that can be closed to block their noise.

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