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Hiring an Excavation Service for Help Preparing Your Home Site

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Building a house or structure on a site that has not already been prepared requires excavation services to help you get things ready. An excavation service is often the best option because they bring heavy equipment and knowledge to level or grade the land for your needs.

Removing Obstacles

When you are getting a site ready for building that has not been touched before, there may be large rocks, trees, or stumps in the way that need to come out. The excavation service working on your site can remove these objects from the site and then backfill the holes that are left behind. 

Before the rest of the site is prepared, all of this work needs to be completed, so there are no holes in the ground after the site work is done. In most cases, the excavation company can dig out the obstacles. Still, for large rocks, a blasting contractor may need to break the material up before the excavator can remove the material from the site. 

Site Trenching

When it is time to start putting in trenches for water, power, and drain lines, your excavation services contractor can make short work of it. The operator running the excavator can quickly layout the trenches and dig them at the correct depth for you. 

Once the utilities and drainage lines are in, the excavation crew will backfill the trenches and get the site ready for final grading. Any work that can be done underground before the final grading should be completed as early in the process as possible. Working with an excavation services contractor allows you to get that work done quickly and correctly. 

Foundation Preparation

When it is time to grade the site and prepare it for the foundation of the building, the excavation contractor may bring in several different machines to handle the work. Removing the material that needs to come out with a large excavator is the first step, then leveling and grading the ground to the specifications on the site plan will follow. 

The contractor will remove the soil, and other material down the level required and get the hole roughed out, then a bulldozer and loaders are used to level the surface and move material to the areas that it is needed. While the process sounds simple, the contractor needs to be monitoring the grade and the depth throughout the entire process to ensure it is done correctly. 

If the grade is off or the depth is too deep, it can cause delays in the construction while the error is corrected. However, once the foundation area is complete, the building contractor should be able to pour the concrete and build the foundation without having to make any further changes to the ground in that area. 

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