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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy or polymer, or resinous flooring consists of hardener and resin. Ideally, flooring professionals place epoxy over various commercial floors such as wood and concrete. A chemical reaction occurs, creating a bond that forms hardened plastic. If you're looking for a floor to match your commercial needs, epoxy flooring is ideal. Here are the pros of epoxy floors.


Epoxy flooring is hardy and offers durability. The floor is resistant to various factors, including:

  • Impact. Epoxy flooring resists impact, which contributes to its hardness. The impact that may cause floor damage, such as falling heavy objects, usually doesn't affect epoxy floors. Also, the floor can handle heavyweight from cars and machinery as they drive over the floor.
  • Water. Epoxy is water-resistant and prevents water damage on your floor. The epoxy surface doesn't absorb water, and you can wipe the water from the surface quickly. Also, you can add slip-resistant aggregate to provide extra grip on the epoxy floor. This helps prevent slip and fall injuries.
  • Chemicals. When chemicals seep through your floor, they cause staining of floor damage. Fortunately, epoxy floors are thick and dense and offer chemical resistance. Hence, you can easily clean up the chemical spills. 
  • Heat. When epoxy flooring cures, the floor becomes heat resistant. Consider choosing phosphorous-based epoxies which have a higher heat resistance than those without phosphorus.

Easy Cleaning

During epoxy flooring installations, joints or seams don't form like other floor types such as tile. This makes the floor easy to clean as there are no cracks or crevices where dirt can hide. Additionally, the smooth surface of an epoxy floor facilitates easy movement of cleaning equipment as they don't face resistance from seam bumps. Therefore, cleaning professionals can eliminate dirt fast and effectively.


Epoxy flooring is durable since the epoxy layer protects the flooring under the protective layer. The protective layer protects the flooring against cracking, wearing down staining, or rotting. Therefore, your floor can last for years while maintaining its attractiveness. Consequently, you don't need to replace or repair your floor frequently. This makes epoxy flooring easy to maintain and affordable.


Epoxy flooring reflects light and can illuminate the entire room, increasing visibility. Hence, you can carry out various tasks in a room with proper visibility reducing accident risks. Besides, most epoxy options have a high sheen that improves their aesthetics.

Epoxy flooring can offer these and other benefits. Contact local flooring contractors for more assistance.