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Commercial Pool Deck Options That Look Great And Enhance The Appearance Of Your Business

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A swimming pool deck is an important part of any swimming pool installation. It's an opportunity to enhance your business while making your customers safer. If you are looking at commercial pool deck options, then this guide will help you make the right decision about the materials you choose for your new swimming pool deck.  

Commercial Pool Deck Construction Basics

Commercial pool decks, like patios and sidewalks, are outdoor surfaces that are designed to withstand foot traffic and weather. They often include decorative features like walkways, benches, and pergolas, as well as landscaping. Decks can be built from tile, concrete, or composite paving materials.

If you need a new commercial pool deck, then you might want to consider options like porous pavements. These are green safety pavements that are made of recycled rubber, plastics, and other materials. They have the advantage of giving you options for colors for a custom design that suits your business.

Design and Features for a Commercial Pool Deck

The most important feature to consider for a deck is drainage. Water is the enemy of a good deck. It erodes wood, expands and contracts with temperature, rots wooden joists and decking, expands and contracts with moisture, and leaches chemicals and salts into the surrounding soil.

Pool deck drainage often has something to do with the drainage of the land. It is important for the surface to drain towards the pool or to drainage systems that are integrated into the pool deck surface. This can also affect the type of materials you choose to use for the pool deck.

Deck design also involves considerations related to how your deck will be used. If a deck is for sunbathing, it should be as flat but still slope for drainage. If the deck is for playing tennis, a flatter surface is crucial for the court and playing matches.

There are many other considerations for deck design, like skid resistance, access, sun exposure, and hardware for features like railing and outdoor furniture. Furniture for a commercial deck might include benches, tables, and other things that have to be secured to the pool deck surface.

The Costs of Installing a New Commercial Pool Deck

A new pool deck can greatly impact the look of your business and your customers' experience. Thus, you may be concerned about the cost of installation.

The costs of installing a commercial pool deck depend on the situation, but generally, it is cheaper to install a deck rather than have it built from scratch. The costs of a deck include material, labor, and expenses for permits, inspections, and city fees.

When estimating the costs of the project, you need to first figure out how much material you will need. Concrete is the most common material, and it comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. You can also get stamped concrete, which looks like stone. Porous pavements can be a more affordable alternative, but they can become expensive depending on the design and features you add to the pool deck.

Commercial pool decks can be costly, which is why it is important to choose the right materials for your project. Contact a commercial pool deck service to discuss the options for your business.